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Real Horror Story

This Story is about Two Friends named Alina and Laziya. They are best friends. Alina and Laziya share everything to each other. Alina's Parents are very strict. They never send her outside of house. Alina always got the snacks from laziya... Alina help laziya in every work.

Real Horror Story

Alina get Married Soon... And went to IN Lows Home.

Real Story

 After One Year She came back for her delivery. Alina and Laziya will start spending time together and they were very happy to meet after one year...

At the delivery time Alina gave birth twins...


 but Alina is No More after delivery because there is very complications in her delivery.
Now, Laziya's full family was present at the time of her Cremation.


 Laziya was sitting Silently.


 Suddenly Laziya's sadness was gone and she start smiling. She came out from house without telling anyone.
Her Parents starts finding Laziya. Suddenly Laziya's brother Tarun saw her. Laziya was laughing and talking to someone.
Tarun ask her to whom she was talking?  Laziya tell him that she was talking to Alina and she is not dead. Tarun got Shocked to listen her. He said to Laziya that Alina is No More...' You saw her dead body with your eyes'... But Laziya was not listening to her brother.After that incident daily Laziya spend time with Alina and share everything...

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Sometimes She do Strange behave... Like this... At one moment she forget herself and start doing anything...


 Suddenly Laziya become sick and not recovering with medicines... Her Parents get worried about her.
One day she was eating meal and she ask her mother to get more food and that was out of her capability. She starts talking in another language and voice. Her mother was Shocked to saw her like this and felt that there was some Spiritual thing in her.

Laziya's Mother called Alina's Mother and She said that Laziya was asking some non-vegetarian food in another language. because Alina likes Non-veg food and she knows that language in which Laziya was talking.Laziya's mother called a man who know about Spiritual  Powers.When He came in a house, he said that you called me at right time otherwise she will died. He tells that you pray to God and another things he'll managed with himself...


However that Man saves her life... And after that Laziya was very happy with her family...


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neeshu mahajan said...

It is very interesting and awsome story... Plz publish more stories soon...

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