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Magic Stick

Magic Stick
Very expensive Magic Stick was stolen from the house of a rich man.
Rich man's house

 No one knew who the thief was. The man had five servants, and one of them was definitely the culprit, but each one said he did not know who the thief was.It was impossible for the owner to accuse all five of his servants, for they were certainly not all in collusion. Finally the rich man sought the advice of the King, who was a very wise.
king's crown
 The King told the rich man to bring the five servants to his Palace the next day, and assured him that he would catch the real thief.
The next day the rich man brought the five servants to the King. The King said, “I have five sticks. 
Magic Stick

My master once taught me magic, and I tell you that these five sticks have magic in them. Now I am giving each of you one of these magic sticks. They are all the same length. Tomorrow morning each of you has to bring his own stick back to me. Whoever has committed the theft will see that his stick has grown an inch longer than all the others. Then he will be caught. 

scared thief

He will not be able to deny his guilt.” Now when they heard this, the four innocent servants were quite calm. But the guilty one was scared and anxiety. He thought "Since I am the thief and magic will expose me.”


Finally he decided that the best thing would be to cut his stick an inch shorter, so that when it grew an inch it would still be the same length as all the others.The next morning the five servants presented their sticks to the King, who measured them against each other. “How is it that your stick is one inch shorter than the others?” he asked the guilty servant.


“Shorter?” said the servant. “That is no problem. You said it had to be one inch longer for the thief to be identified.”
caught thief

But the King replied, “You fool, if the magic that I put inside this stick has the power to make it longer, it also has the power to make it shorter. You are caught.”

arrested thief
Learn from Story
What do we learn from this story? The sincere ones, even if they are accused, will eventually be freed, but the insincere ones, today or tomorrow, will be exposed. 

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heart touching story

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