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                                                    Big Secret          
                               YOU KNOW WHAT IS THE SECRET OF LIFE

Hey guys...

Do You know the secret of life?

Today I am going to tell you a big secret of life that nothing is Impossible in this World if You will set your mind to achieve your goals. Never think negative because when you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thoughts. if you always think negative your life will end up running at a negative pace. Some people thought they are not lucky because they have nothing special in their life. but you know, what is so special???? you are special in your life because you can achieve anything you want but think positive... NEVER SAY NO for any thing you want. ALWAYS SAY YES I CAN DO THIS...

think positive

 So... How are you feeling to know this big secret to live a life. feeling happy... Now follow this in your life. you will observe the things happened in your life is very positive. Ignore the negativity because negative thinking makes the life negative. you always have to think you are a very special person in the world.

positive thinking

Even I was also experienced this.... when i want something with negative thinking, i'll never got that. But when i want anything with positive thinking, i will always happy to have that thing in my life. guys be positive in your life and you will be happy to have all things u want.

forgot negative

                                                                 Love Yourself
Firstly, start loving your self, if you want others to love you. if you don't love yourself so why others will... Think about it... start writing daily five good things about you in notebook, it will built the confidence in yourself.
You know why we though negative, because we value others thought. some people always thought that other people are good rather then us but this is not true. you can also do all the things what others can...
If you don't know how to think positive then follow this:-

* stop your current line of thinking and focus on the effort that will be required to work towards a goal.

love yourself

                                                          Always Remember
If you want anything with bottom of your heart, you will always have that thing in your life...


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Ghanu Thakur said...

Wonderful...I have nothing to I am telling you gorgeous...that This all is known as "Spiritual Power"...which only comes from your true only comes from your sacrifices....Negative thinking push u towards in a deep darkness...where u lost everything...I have nothing to write more, bt at last I m telling you that really I m very glad that through your platform (My Magic Story Book) I got a chance to publish my veiws... thanx again...and really I am appreciated from veiws ..... GOD BLESS YOU...

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