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Magic Story

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Emily.

Magic Story

She lived with her stepmother and stepsister. Her father is mostly lived outside for his work. Her mother was very mean to Emily. She making her busy in work all the day like cleaning and cooking. Her mother never sent her outside to play.

magical story

She feels very sad when she saw her stepsister while playing... Her stepmother was very cruel to her. Emily cries daily and pray that god also give her some good friends to play like her stepsister... Her face Express her loneliness... She is very alone...

magic girl

One day  Emily's mother send her outside for buying some food. She was walking on a beautiful road. She was very happy to go outside because she came out of a house after one month.

girl magic

Suddenly, She saw a magical place... It seems to like interesting and beautiful.

magic place

Emily start entering in that magical place.

magical place
When she came into that place... She saw very beautiful castle...

magic castle

when she enter in the castle, she saw a fairy.

magic fairy

Fairy was very kind. She looked at Emily and give her blessings to live happily with some friends...

magical fairy
Emily was very happy to have these blessings... And she lived happily with her friends...

magical house

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ess kay said...

its very magical... your stories are sooo amazing...

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