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Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva

The name Shiva means auspicious. Shiva is known by many different names according to his function.
Shiva has many wives, which are the symbols of feminine power they also known as sakti. They are well known and also worshiped.


 There are four of his wives that stand out the most. Their names are - Parvati, Uma, Durga, and Kali. Each of the four goddesses stand for something important in life.


Parvati, who has beauty and youth, is the goddess of love and romance. She is also known to be the mother of Ganesha. It is to be known that Shiva was to kill Ganesha, however he ended up adopting him as his own.

Shiva Parvati

Another of Shiva's wives, Umma, is the goddess of motherhood. She is seen to be kind, caring, and sweetnatured. Uma was the wife of Shiva in her previous incarnation as Sati.


Durga, is the goddess of justice. She is seen as a strong, courageous woman who is determined to reestablish justice.

Durga Maa

 Kali, the last of the four well known wives, is known to be the goddess of death. She is morbid and appears to have a gothic appearance to her look and tends to be very wild and unpredictable.

Kali Maa

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