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Magic Stick

Magic Stick
Very expensive Magic Stick was stolen from the house of a rich man.
Rich man's house

 No one knew who the thief was. The man had five servants, and one of them was definitely the culprit, but each one said he did not know who the thief was.It was impossible for the owner to accuse all five of his servants, for they were certainly not all in collusion. Finally the rich man sought the advice of the King, who was a very wise.
king's crown
 The King told the rich man to bring the five servants to his Palace the next day, and assured him that he would catch the real thief.
The next day the rich man brought the five servants to the King. The King said, “I have five sticks. 
Magic Stick

My master once taught me magic, and I tell you that these five sticks have magic in them. Now I am giving each of you one of these magic sticks. They are all the same length. Tomorrow morning each of you has to bring his own stick back to me. Whoever has committed the theft will see that his stick has grown an inch longer than all the others. Then he will be caught. 

scared thief

He will not be able to deny his guilt.” Now when they heard this, the four innocent servants were quite calm. But the guilty one was scared and anxiety. He thought "Since I am the thief and magic will expose me.”


Finally he decided that the best thing would be to cut his stick an inch shorter, so that when it grew an inch it would still be the same length as all the others.The next morning the five servants presented their sticks to the King, who measured them against each other. “How is it that your stick is one inch shorter than the others?” he asked the guilty servant.


“Shorter?” said the servant. “That is no problem. You said it had to be one inch longer for the thief to be identified.”
caught thief

But the King replied, “You fool, if the magic that I put inside this stick has the power to make it longer, it also has the power to make it shorter. You are caught.”

arrested thief
Learn from Story
What do we learn from this story? The sincere ones, even if they are accused, will eventually be freed, but the insincere ones, today or tomorrow, will be exposed. 

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Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva

The name Shiva means auspicious. Shiva is known by many different names according to his function.
Shiva has many wives, which are the symbols of feminine power they also known as sakti. They are well known and also worshiped.


 There are four of his wives that stand out the most. Their names are - Parvati, Uma, Durga, and Kali. Each of the four goddesses stand for something important in life.


Parvati, who has beauty and youth, is the goddess of love and romance. She is also known to be the mother of Ganesha. It is to be known that Shiva was to kill Ganesha, however he ended up adopting him as his own.

Shiva Parvati

Another of Shiva's wives, Umma, is the goddess of motherhood. She is seen to be kind, caring, and sweetnatured. Uma was the wife of Shiva in her previous incarnation as Sati.


Durga, is the goddess of justice. She is seen as a strong, courageous woman who is determined to reestablish justice.

Durga Maa

 Kali, the last of the four well known wives, is known to be the goddess of death. She is morbid and appears to have a gothic appearance to her look and tends to be very wild and unpredictable.

Kali Maa

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Real Horror Story

This Story is about Two Friends named Alina and Laziya. They are best friends. Alina and Laziya share everything to each other. Alina's Parents are very strict. They never send her outside of house. Alina always got the snacks from laziya... Alina help laziya in every work.

Real Horror Story

Alina get Married Soon... And went to IN Lows Home.

Real Story

 After One Year She came back for her delivery. Alina and Laziya will start spending time together and they were very happy to meet after one year...

At the delivery time Alina gave birth twins...


 but Alina is No More after delivery because there is very complications in her delivery.
Now, Laziya's full family was present at the time of her Cremation.


 Laziya was sitting Silently.


 Suddenly Laziya's sadness was gone and she start smiling. She came out from house without telling anyone.
Her Parents starts finding Laziya. Suddenly Laziya's brother Tarun saw her. Laziya was laughing and talking to someone.
Tarun ask her to whom she was talking?  Laziya tell him that she was talking to Alina and she is not dead. Tarun got Shocked to listen her. He said to Laziya that Alina is No More...' You saw her dead body with your eyes'... But Laziya was not listening to her brother.After that incident daily Laziya spend time with Alina and share everything...

girl storystories

Sometimes She do Strange behave... Like this... At one moment she forget herself and start doing anything...


 Suddenly Laziya become sick and not recovering with medicines... Her Parents get worried about her.
One day she was eating meal and she ask her mother to get more food and that was out of her capability. She starts talking in another language and voice. Her mother was Shocked to saw her like this and felt that there was some Spiritual thing in her.

Laziya's Mother called Alina's Mother and She said that Laziya was asking some non-vegetarian food in another language. because Alina likes Non-veg food and she knows that language in which Laziya was talking.Laziya's mother called a man who know about Spiritual  Powers.When He came in a house, he said that you called me at right time otherwise she will died. He tells that you pray to God and another things he'll managed with himself...


However that Man saves her life... And after that Laziya was very happy with her family...


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Magic Story

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Emily.

Magic Story

She lived with her stepmother and stepsister. Her father is mostly lived outside for his work. Her mother was very mean to Emily. She making her busy in work all the day like cleaning and cooking. Her mother never sent her outside to play.

magical story

She feels very sad when she saw her stepsister while playing... Her stepmother was very cruel to her. Emily cries daily and pray that god also give her some good friends to play like her stepsister... Her face Express her loneliness... She is very alone...

magic girl

One day  Emily's mother send her outside for buying some food. She was walking on a beautiful road. She was very happy to go outside because she came out of a house after one month.

girl magic

Suddenly, She saw a magical place... It seems to like interesting and beautiful.

magic place

Emily start entering in that magical place.

magical place
When she came into that place... She saw very beautiful castle...

magic castle

when she enter in the castle, she saw a fairy.

magic fairy

Fairy was very kind. She looked at Emily and give her blessings to live happily with some friends...

magical fairy
Emily was very happy to have these blessings... And she lived happily with her friends...

magical house

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Gorgeous Cinderella


 Once upon a time, there was a kind girl named Cinderella. All of the animals loved her, especially two mice named Gus and Jaq. They'd do anything for the girl they called Cinderelly.

Cinderella lived with her stepmother and her two stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella.They were very mean to Cinderella, making her work all day cleaning, sewing, and cooking. She tried her best to make them happy.

sad girl

Cinderella's stepmother, Lady Tremaine, was cold, cruel, and jealous of Cinderella’s charm and beauty.She enjoyed giving Cinderella extra chores to do, such as bathing her cat, Lucifer.

mean lady

One day, a messenger arrived with a special invitation. There was going to be a royal ball at the palace!The King wanted his son to find a bride. Every young woman in the kingdom was invited—including Cinderella!

invitation story

Cinderella was very excited about the ball. In the attic, she found a dress that had belonged to her mother.It was a bit old-fashioned, but Cinderella could make it beautiful!


Lady Tremaine didn't want Cinderella to go to the ball. She wanted the Prince to meet Anastasia and Drizella. Maybe he would marry one of them!Lady Tremaine kept Cinderella busy with chores that would take her all night to finish.


While Cinderella was working, the mice and birds fixed her dress. They added ribbons and beads that the two stepsisters had thrown away.Working together, the animals turned a simple dress into a fabulous gown!


Cinderella was overjoyed when she saw the dress. Now she could go to the ball!Oh, thank you so much!" Cinderella said to Gus, Jaq, and the birds.

happy girl

When the stepsisters saw their old ribbons and beads on Cinderella's dress, they flew into a rage.They ripped the dress and pulled off the beads. Lady Tremaine didn't stop them. Cinderella's dream of going to the ball was through.


            Cinderella ran away to the garden to cry.


 Suddenly, her fairy godmother appeared.With a wave of her wand, she turned a pumpkin into an elegant. Cinderella could now go to the ball, but her dress was still ruined.


"Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!" said the Fairy Godmother, waving her wand again. Cinderella was now wearing a beautiful gown and sparkling glass slippers.But all of this came with a warning: When the clock struck midnight, the magic spell would wear off!


At the ball, Prince Charming couldn't take his eyes off Cinderella.The orchestra played, and the Prince began to dance with the wonderful girl whose name he still didn't know. For Cinderella, the night was a dream come true.

prince dance

Before too long, the clock began to strike midnight. "Good-bye!" Cinderella said, hurrying away."Come back!" called the Prince. "I don't even know your name!" As Cinderella fled, one of her glass slippers came off.

magical shoe

The Prince sent the Grand Duke to find the girl who fit the glass slipper. Lady Tremaine locked Cinderella in the attic, but Cinderella's mouse friends freed her.Then Lady Tremaine tripped the Grand Duke, and the glass slipper shattered . . . but Cinderella had the other in her pocket. And it fit!


Cinderella and the Prince were soon married. Everyone rejoiced, including Cinderella's mouse friends, who wore special outfits to the wedding. Filled with joy, Prince Charming and Cinderella lived happily ever after.

fairy story

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